Using the website to order shoes

In Stock

Each season Di Bianco™ produces shoes to keep in inventory. The shoes are available through the website as-is. All the lasts are 3376-D width, and each can be ordered from size 8 through 13, subject to availability. See the Inventory.

Made to Order

Certain models are available for special order. Please email us for more information and pricing.

Find a Retailer

Click on the Find a Retailer page to see a list of retailers.



Because the fit of the shoe is so important, we have several different ways to ensure that the fit is right.

  1. Visit a retailer near you to be fitted and to complete the ordering process. For a full list of our retailers, visit Find a Retailer
  2. Use our Measurement section to find your correct width.
  3. If you wish to purchase online, you can choose to recieve a try-on shoe to ensure that you have the correct size. Try on shoes come in both loafers and lace ups (no monks no boots) and all four widths: C, D, E and EEE.



Shoes ordered through the In-Stock section will be shipped via UPS. Shoes built using the Made-to-Order section take 6 months to build and ship from Italy. MTO shoes will be sent to the U.S. and then mailed UPS from our location in Miami. We can also deliver internationally directly from Italy.

If you have any questions at any time, please email us and we can help you in person.