SC520 Deco Reverse Sombrero

Regular price $ 795.00


LAST: 3376-D

LEATHER: Calf Skin

SOLE: City: Thick Rubber 

COLOR: Reverse Sombrero


This plain toe blucher is uncomplicated allowing it to be dressy or casual. Try these with a suit during the day and back to jeans or cotton pants in the evening. This is a transitional shoe at its best.


Lace up Oxfords are the most common lace ups. This shoe will fit true to size.


We recommend using a neutral cream on a bi-weekly basis and neutral polish when a shine is required. Neutral is recommended so as not to alter the special coloration of this shoe. We recommend Saphir polishes and creams. Quality shoe trees are recommended after every wear and when storing. Shoe trees will help mitigate wrinkling and help wick away moisture.

We recommend not wearing these shoes two days in a row allowing the shoes to rest and wick away moisture.


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