SC590 Velour Marmotta
SC590 Velour Marmotta
SC590 Velour Marmotta
SC590 Velour Marmotta
SC590 Velour Marmotta

SC590 Velour Marmotta

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This shoe will fit true to size.


Collection: SPQR

Color: Brown

Material: Suede

Sole: Rubber

Type: Lace-up


This wingtip brogue in suede is done in our chiseled toe last. It is done on a rubber stack sole with a tan guardalo. This combination makes the shoe very modern allowing it to be worn with jeans, cotton pants, as well as trousers and a sport coat.


A note about coloration and finishing

Our leather products are colored by hand and each shoe will show small variations in color due to this meticulous and time consuming hand coloration process. Please also note that lighting will also effect the representation of our products when viewed online through different computers and phones. We live in a world of mass production but Di Bianco is not part of that world. We are proud to hand finish our products and beautiful variances will occur, which we believe makes them even more special. Although we try to represent the optimal color online, we cannot guarantee the color of your item will match 100%. If you would like to have a better idea of your desired shoe’s actual finish please feel free to email us and we will be happy to send pictures, especially if you are trying to match a shoe to a particular belt or bag.

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