SB115 Deco Norwegian Reverse Sombrero

Regular price $ 995.00

LAST: 3376-D


CONST: Norwegian

SOLE: Full Leather, 8mm Thickness

COLOR: Reverse Sombrero

More Details

For norwegian welted construction, we take 8 strands of yarn and weave them together with bees wax and glue and stitch the upper, the welt, and the sole toether by hand. There are very few workshops still doing Norwegian welting.


Lace up Oxfords are the most common lace ups. This shoe will fit true to size.


We recommend using a neutral cream on a bi-weekly basis and neutral polish when a shine is required. Neutral is recommended so as not to alter the special coloration of this shoe. We recommend Saphir polishes and creams. Quality shoe trees are recommended after every wear and when storing. Shoe trees will help mitigate wrinkling and help wick away moisture.

We recommend not wearing these shoes two days in a row allowing the shoes to rest and wick away moisture.


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