Collection:Shoe Care

New Shoes:

A new pair of shoes should only be worn for 2-3 hours at a time until they become comfortably broken in.

2 Day Rule:

The same pair of shoes should never be worn two days in a row. They should be rested at least 24 hours before being worn again.

Shoe Horn:

A shoe horn should be used when putting the shoe on regardless if they are loafers, lace ups or monk-straps.

Shoe Trees

Shoe trees should be put into the shoes immediately after they are removed. Moisture:
In the event shoes are subjected to excessive rain or snow, shoe trees should be inserted immediately upon removal and the shoes should be left to dry on their sides away from radiators or direct heat for at least 24 hours.


Shoes should be polished on a regular basis. Even if shoes are not worn for an extended period, a coating of shoe cream will help keep the leather from becoming dried out. When polishing burnished and rich colored shoes a neutral colored polish or a color lighter than the current color should be used to minimize any alteration in the coloration of the shoe.


Goodyear, Norwegian and Black Rapid constructed shoes can all be resoled. Be sure to use only qualified cobblers that have the proper tools needed to resole your type of shoe. Di Bianco offers resoling services -- simply email us for more information