We are creatures of curiosity

With a dream to create footwear unlike any other, Di Bianco has always asked, ‘What more can be done?’ For our customer, our designs, and our planet.

We are inspired

In an industry steeped in heritage and history, we pay reverence to what has come before but cannot deny it’s the future that excites us. A lust for innovation drives us into each new season with vigour and passion. Our customers inspire us every season to evolve our products, honing them to better reflect the Di Bianco DNA.

We are obsessed with discovery

Not content to let others do the hard work, we have made it our mission to innovate, create, imagine and reimagine, always unearthing bigger and brighter solutions. We see each day as an opportunity to discover new technologies and methods that will change our shoes and our planet for the better.

We believe in a life well lived

From the very beginning, Di Bianco has existed to improve lives through the beauty, function and form of finely-crafted footwear. But Live Life Well is a philosophy we take into all areas of our world; from the workshop to the boardroom we relish the opportunity and responsibility to improve through integrity.