Premium Leather Sole 8mm

Set yourself apart from the crowd. Di Bianco's bi-colored sole is found on all shoes in the Premium collection.


Leather Sole 8mm

Our standard leather sole


Di Bianco Gallo 8mm Leather Sole

Our Gallo leather soles are slightly thinner than our typical leather soles giving the Gallo collection a flexible and comfortable edge.


Rubber Sole

We have elevated the once humble rubber sole to a level of sophistication while maintaining the comfort and practicality rubber affords. Our Fiddleback Gomma soles have a high density rubber sole combined with a leather stack heel. It’s the best of both worlds.


Driver Sole

Get the Open Road feeling. Made popular for driving roadsters in the 1950’s, this classic molded leather and rubber sole features additional grommets on the heel of the shoe.


Flexible Leather Sole

A thin, flexible leather sole used in loafers, typically paired with Norwegian construction. Movement was never so easy.