Classic footwear <br>with a modern twist


Premium Leather Sole 8mm

Di Bianco's bi-colored sole found on all shoes in the Di Bianco Premium collection.

Leather Sole 8mm

Our standard leather sole

Di Bianco Gallo 8mm Leather Sole

Unlike our Di Bianco soles which we work by hand, Gallo soles are pre-made which is part of the reason we are able to offer the Gallo collection at a more competitive price.

Rubber Sole

Di Bianco's rubber sole found on shoes in the SPQR "sport" collection.

Driver Sole

A molded rubber and leather sole featuring additional grommets on the heel of the shoe. This style was made popular for driving roadsters in the 1950's, but is a stylish addition to any wardrobe today.

Flexible Leather Sole

A thin, flexible leather sole used in loafers, typically paired with Norwegian construction.