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Terms of service

Purchase - Terms of ordering

The scarpedibianco.com website may be used to order a selection of products from Scarpe di Bianco, directly online via the Internet.
You may also place your order by telephone on by dialing +1 (203) 208-0467 from Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. EST, from anywhere within the United States, excluding Puerto Rico, Guam and all other U.S. possessions and territories situated outside North America.

The delivery zone for Scarpe di Bianco products ordered via the Scarpedibianco.com website and the 203 number referred to above is restricted to the United States, excluding Puerto Rico, Guam and all other U.S. possessions and territories situated outside North America (see "Delivery zone").

For each product selected on the scarpedibianco.com website, a summary page will be displayed automatically featuring a model number of the item, its coloring and references, the quantity selected, its unit price and the total amount owed for your order. You should check that this information accurately reflects your selection before confirming your order. Upon confirmation, your order will be submitted to Scarpe di Bianco for processing (see "Acceptance of orders").

Please be advised that orders are subject to availability of the Scarpe di Bianco products in stock.

Please also be advised that while every effort is taken to try to ensure that the colouring, design and style of the Scarpe di Bianco products in the photographs displayed on the Scarpedibianco.com website are representative of the original products, variations may occur due to technical restrictions of colour reproduction on your computer equipment. Accordingly, Scarpe di Bianco shall not be liable for any error or inaccuracy in the photographs or graphical representations of Scarpe di Bianco products displayed on the Scarpedibianco.com website. If you have any questions about the products, you may of course contact our customer service by calling +1 (203) 208-0467 or emailing info@Scarpedibianco.com .

Scarpe di Bianco, reserves the right to cancel any order placed by a customer with whom it has a dispute concerning a prior order, or if Scarpe di Bianco has reasonable cause to suspect that such customer has violated these Terms and Conditions, or is engaged in any fraudulent activity or for any other legitimate cause.

To ensure a best quality service and product availability, you may not order on the scarpedibianco.com website more than 9 items of the same reference number within a period of fifteen (15) calendar days.

For any exceptional order, we kindly invite you to contact our Customer Services Department at +1 (203) 208-0467 or info@Scarpedibianco.com.

Purchase - Availability

Our offers of products and prices are valid as they are on view on the scarpedibianco.com website, subject to products’ availability. In this purpose, instructions about the availability of the products will be given at the time of the ordering.

Exceptionally, errors or amendments could exist, especially in case of simultaneous orders of the same product by several customers. In case of unavailability of a product after ordering, you will be informed of that by email or by phone as soon as possible, and it will be proposed to you either to order another item shown on the scarpedibianco.com website in substitution or to cancel your order.

If you choose to cancel your order, you will be refunded to your credit card.

Scarpe di Bianco shall not be held liable in case of stock outage or unavailability of products.

Scarpe di Bianco reserves the right to change at any time and without any previous notice the items proposed on the scarpedibianco.com website.

Purchase - Order Confirmation

At the end of the ordering procedure, you are invited to click on the “Complete Your Purchase” push button.

As from the moment of confirmation, your order is transmitted to Scarpe di Bianco for treatment. Your order can not be amended or cancelled except in the expressly conditions provided for herein the Terms and Conditions of Sale or in conditions provided for the applicable law.

The confirmation of your order means your acceptance of the whole there of Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The data registered by scarpedibianco.com website establish the proof of the whole transaction operated between Scarpe di Bianco and its customers. In case of dispute between Scarpe di Bianco and one of its customers about a transaction made on the scarpedibianco.com website, the data registered by Scarpe di Bianco shall be considered as an irrefutable proof of the content transaction.

Purchase - Price Payment

The prices of products are in US Dollars, exclusive of taxes. The amount of your order includes the delivery fees according to the chosen shipping option.
Scarpe di Bianco reserves the right to amend at anytime and without any previous notice the prices of the proposed products on the scarpedibianco.com website. The invoicing of the products is based on the prices posted on the scarpedibianco.com website at the time of the confirmation of your order, subject to the availability of the products ordered at this time.

Any order made through the scarpedibianco.com website has to be settled immediately after its confirmation.

We only accept the credit card payments.

All orders are payable in US Dollars. Accepted charge or credit cards are: MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, and Discover Card, bound to a bank account in the United States.

Your order will only be effective after the checking of your payment method and once Scarpe di Bianco receives authorization to process your payment.

The debit of your charge or credit card is effective at the moment of your order shipment.

Terms of service

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