About di Bianco


We are not simply shoemakers, we are artisans.

Every aspect of the Scarpe di Bianco shoe is a reflection of the trail we have blazed and the path we forge into a better tomorrow. Every detail is proof of our passion and devotion to classic, simple and intelligent design. Ours is a legacy and a knowledge that is only passed on to the men who can handle it. Each Scarpe di Bianco shoe is a passionate ode to enjoying the fruits of our labour, to celebrating the beauty of life, to revelling in success. A Di Bianco shoe is a moment of well-deserved luxury that punctuates your day and keeps you striding confidently into the future.
The founder of Scarpe di Bianco had a vision to create footwear that was neither basic nor overly avant-garde, that blended the heritage of artisanal shoe making with the innovations demanded of a modern lifestyle. He knew that second and third generation Italian shoemaking workshops were a beautiful compliment to the interest and curiosity he had for pushing forward modern elegance, engineering and practicality.
We are not simply shoemakers, we are artisans. No two of our shoes are the same because no two men are the same: you are unique, you are one of one, you are a Di Bianco man.

Scarpe di Bianco is more than a shoe, it’s a way of life. It’s a life lived well.

About di Bianco

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