Collection:Di Bianco Gallo

Di Bianco Gallo, ‘White Rooster’ in Italian, tells a story of ancient ancestry and a trailblazing spirit. The rooster, emblazoned on the founder’s Celtic family crest, traditionally points due East. This rooster is different.

The founder’s father engaged a jeweler to forge a gold ring with an errant rooster facing West and gifted it to his second son - a not-so-subtle message that it was time to fall into line. The second son, the Di Bianco founder, took the symbol in his stride and Di Bianco Gallo was born: a collection that always looks to do things in its own fashion, for men who always carve their own way in life. 

The Gallo Bianco footwear collection is a compilation of classic men’s shoes with subtle and unconventional details. Made in the South of Italy in the hills outside of Naples, third generation artisans use the best calf skin leather available to create beautifully hand burnished footwear. Classic models are combined with modern colors to offer a twist on the heritage that brought Di Bianco to this moment. A contemporary and affordable range, the Di Bianco Gallo comes in a D/E width last.