Scarpe di Bianco - About the Collections

About the Collections

Di Bianco shoes are hand tricked and have a cork interlayer called a “sugherina” which creates a very comfortable fit. The burnishing of Di Bianco shoes is a very long and intensive process that often requires the use of numerous colors in combination to attain the final color. Di Bianco employs champagne to enhance the burnishing effect.

Scarpe di Bianco shoes are made in a 4th generation workshop outside of Naples Italy. These are Italian shoes made by Italian artisans. The techniques and expertise employed in making each pair have been refined over years and the traditions have been learned and taught to each subsequent generation.

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Italian hand-burnished uppers

Flexible Bologna construction

Premium rubber soles

Gel innersoles from Germany that will never break down.

Style meets comfort.
Sport meets city.

Di Bianco Gallo, "White Rooster" in Italian, is derived from the founder’s family name and the Rooster from his Celtic ancestors. Some may have taken notice that the Di Bianco Gallo Rooster, unlike tradition, actually faces west. This was a not so subtle message delivered by the founder’s Father, who engaged a jeweler to make a gold ring with the errant Rooster, that his second son needed to fall in line. Instead of conforming, Di Bianco Gallo has always looked to do things in his own fashion.

The Gallo Bianco footwear collection is a compilation of classic men’s shoes with subtle uncommon details. Made in the South of Italy in the hills outside of Naples, third generation artisans use the best calf skin leather available to create beautifully hand burnished footwear. Classic models are combined with modern colors to offer an understandable and affordable alternative. Blake constructed, Di Bianco Gallo comes in a D/E width last.

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